In Defense of Emotion

Today I stumbled on videos of Mayim Bialik who is, among other things, an actor on “Big Bang Theory.” A video that I liked a lot is on emotion.

Emotion is often seen as irrational. Since women often have emotional responses, this implicit association has the effect of undermining women’s opinions, priorities, and sensibilities.

This video offers an alternate way of looking at one’s emotional inner life. It is a way that is both rational and empowering.


Writing has been my way of processing my emotions – to untangle and understand and to, in the process, become more whole. To gain clarity and achieve closure.

Even though having an engaged reader or two or one hundred is nice, it is not essential. Magic happens in the process of a thought, feeling, or idea passing from the heart, by way of the mind/brain, through to the fingers, and from there to paper or screen.

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