What is a Spiritual Memoir?

Over the years I have tried a range of writing practices. I had a blog and a gratitude journal, wrote “morning pages” and gave free-writing a go. Although each one has its pluses and minuses, writing a spiritual memoir is completely different.

It does not impose the discipline of focusing only on the positive and upbeat. Sometimes one needs to write in order to process a negative experience.

It does not impose the discipline of writing only in the morning. What if you are not a morning person?

It does not encourage stream of consciousness free-writing. An essential trait of a spiritual memoir is that it be lucid, gripping and persuasive. For, if it is not, the intended readers — people who live in a different time and place — will not bother to engage.

And, it is certainly not a blog in the sense of being something that is written fairly regularly. Also, it does not concern itself with appealing to contemporary / casual readers.

A spiritual memoir is your essence as distilled through a defining experience. It is a story told in a spirit of reflection or inquiry, to understand and be understood, to illuminate the places where you colored outside the lines.

Like this beautiful sand art, there may have been times when you mixed colors in a unique way or colored outside the lines. A time when you received or offered unexpected kindness. A time when you were courageous or made peace with a dilemma.

You owe it to yourself to record such an experience because who knows it better than you? If you don’t, who will?  If not now, then when?

Leave a stain upon the silence!

If you have had an experience that you wish to remember for yourself, or share with your loved ones, and don’t know where to begin, contact us. We would love to help you preserve what makes you the special and unique person that you are.

Check out our book, Abroad at Home, to read profiles of remarkable individuals.

Happy reflecting!

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