I came across a lovely article titled “The wistful weight of distance” by well-known Singapore journalist, Rohit Brijnath in the Straits Times last month, that captures the essence of the immigrant experience.

“..we live two lives. One here, the other in another time zone, divided by seas which we mentally sail every day.”

 How true! While many of us who live outside India may feel the tug of the homeland often, the pull is specially intense on festival days. Live sharing of photos and videos that are supposed to make you feel closer, may fan feelings of homesickness. No wonder so many NRIs try to make a trip home to coincide with festivals.

Today is Holi, the colorful, communal festival celebrated in India. Are you feeling homesick?

On this special day here is wishing you Happy Holi! Story Artisan Press has something exciting in store for you on this occasion. Stay tuned!

person throwing colored powder

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