Pink or Blue, Any One Will Do

About fifteen years ago, when I returned to India after spending a large chunk of my young adulthood in the USA, I was surprised to find that many things had changed but certain deep-rooted biases and prejudices still remained. Chief among them was the preference for male offspring. It wasn’t just my imagination that my daughter’s class had more boys than girls, but the 2001 census numbers confirmed my observations. I wrote about this in an essay, that didn’t see the light of day.

Much has been written about the recent news about abortion laws in the states of Alabama and Louisiana in the US, and it reminded me about my essay written all those years ago. I tweaked it to reflect my current thoughts and submitted it to Singapore Unbound, an online literary magazine. Read the full essay here: Pink or Blue, Any One Will Do.

What are your thoughts about abortion laws? Are there social issues close to your heart that make you angry, that make you write?

Jessica Witte.  Bull in a China Shop . Cast-glass preemie onesie with medical equipment (blood pressure cuff, neoprene straps, and orthotics) in a clear, locked velvet-lined cabinet (2013 - 2018).


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