Trains as Motifs

Trains have been a metaphor and a motif in books, songs and movies. Memorable scenes include the poignant scene at a train station between Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in “The Rain Man”, Mumbai trains as a backdrop in the recent hit, Gully Boy, and of course, the repeating images of fast moving trains that culminate in a flash mob in the ever-popular song, Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire.

Love Stories, Many Avatars, All True

For a writer, the first act of creation begins with reading. Reading opens up new worlds, stimulates creativity and helps master the required tools. The voracious readers at Story Artisan Press connected with the contributors to Desi Modern Love anthology by reading the work of fellow desi writers. Here is a closer look at the three contributing authors based in the US.

Announcing Our New Anthology!

Creation takes time. So does curation. At Story Artisan Press, when we first set out to collect true stories of love as experienced in the ‘desi’ context, we knew there were rich stories that needed to be heard. We have found those stories and also learnt a lot in the process of curating Desi Modern Love. Here are the names of the contributors to our first anthology.