Ebooks available on Singapore NLB Overdrive

Story Artisan Press has exciting news to share. Our ebooks are now available through the Singapore library system. Checkout No Longer NRI essays, Negative and other short stories and Abroad at home musings through Overdrive at the NLB website. Singapore residents and library members can now read our ebooks for FREE. Let us know what you think. Even better, write reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, FB and other platforms.

love stories, many avatars, all true

At Story Artisan Press, we believe that our stories are influenced not just by where they take place but also by all the places we have been, literally and figuratively. Our past, our parent’s past and the present, can sometimes collide in a kaleidoscope of confusion. Our Singapore-based writers have explored this topic in their contribution to the Desi Modern Love anthology.

Love stories, many avatars, all true

Love is a many-splendored thing. It hides when you go looking for it and sometimes, shows up in the most unexpected places, at the most inconvenient times. The Story Artisan Press team found this common theme linking the Desi Modern Love stories written by our India-based authors. Here is a closer look at the authors who have been floored by the depth of their feelings in the most unusual circumstances.

Every (dark-skinned) Indian woman’s story

When this picture of Femina’s Miss India 2019 uniformly beautiful contestants, with their light skin tone and straight hair faced public outrage, I cheered. Like most of my peers, I came of age in India in the era of Fair and Lovely, facing the biases of a patriarchal society that puts a premium on the complexion of a girl. In this hard-hitting article in Medium.com, Neha Dixit, takes us through her own story as she tries to explain this national obsession. Hats off, Neha. More power to you.