Two new books!

It’s Launch Day!! Two new ebooks from Story Artisan Press are available for download today. Purchase from Amazon: and These links should take you to the Amazon marketplace in the country of your residence. Please share this news within your circles. We would love to see reviews on Amazon, on Goodreads, in your blogs and social media posts. Write to us and share your stories about Desi Modern Love and your Train Friends.

Launch of Desi Modern Love

Love is a basic human need and it has been shown to have many health benefits. Love has the power to improve a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Story Artisan Press is publishing Desi Modern Love, an anthology of contemporary accounts of Love. In a sense, the writers committed acts of Love when they recorded their experiences of grace. At Story Artisan Press we believe that by publishing these stories we are sending positive healing energies out into the Universe and to our readers. Get ready to bring love into your life on August 23rd!


What is the value of an object? Is it the price you pay for it? Or is it the significance in the greater scheme of things? Ranjani Rao, co-founder of Story Artisan Press shares the story of her first wrist watch bought in Mumbai and why it holds a special place in her heart. Here is a free peek into the soon to be launched essay collection – Train Friends.