Why Later Adult Life – Fall – Coaching?

As we age and life inevitably changes – and we reach the Fall of our lives – children likely leave the nest, retirement may loom, our energy and bodies begin to slow, we are faced with certain significant decisions.

Will a move (to a warmer climate, a less expensive area, or a location where family members now live) be on the horizon?

Will one or both spouses be at home, part- or even full-time, anew, and what changes might that bring to life?

Have there been significant losses, of position, family/friends, income?

What need will there be to care differently for your body and health?

Are there aging parents or others to care for?

How will you maintain your independence as well as prepare for its potential reductions (e.g., giving up your home or a driver’s license)?

A supportive coach,
hearing the concerns of this phase of life,
will help facilitate your decision-making
and these life transitions.

While you continue to enjoy the richness
of a life lived with zest and purpose,
working with a coach offers to lighten
and relieve some of the burdens that accompany them.