No Longer NRI

No Longer NRI

How I Left America for My Homeland

Essays on the Adventures of Resettlement by Ranjani Rao

(A Degrees of Freedom e-Book)

Ranjani Rao moved to the United States as a new bride. Over the course of fourteen years, she acquired a PhD and a green card, became a working woman, and a mother. But, somewhere along the way, home beckoned. After much reflection, Rao and her family moved back to India. This essay collection chronicles her journey through her reflections as she contemplates the move during her last few months in America and ruminates on her life as a newly returned NRI. The book covers a range of experiences and is a thought-provoking meditation on the meaning of “home.”

Given the globalized times in which we live, many of us cycle through various stages of resettlement. Sometimes we are expats, other times we are immigrants/emigrants, and often we are something in between. These essays speak to the adventure as well as the nostalgia that are the constants of this life on the move. This book of essays is a valuable addition to the library of every person who straddles two worlds that are familiar but that tug in different directions.

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