Train Friends

Train Friends

Mumbai Roots, Parallel Track, Shared Journeys

Personal Essays by Ranjani Rao and Nandini Patwardhan

This is a collection of fourteen paired essays written by Nandini Patwardhan and Ranjani Rao. Both writers grew up in Mumbai and spent long periods in the United States. The essays explore similar themes, but from very different perspectives.

The essays cover topics such as riding a Mumbai local (of course!), growing up in Mumbai, becoming mothers in a foreign land, the meaning of home, and how the writer’s values continue to be shaped by their formative experiences.

This is a different kind of immigrant narrative. There is nostalgia, but it is colored with a sense of adventure. There is optimism, ambition, and courage. Most important, there is a thoughtful exploration of the shifting meaning of here and there, then and now, and us and them.

Curious and open-minded readers of all stripes will find resonance in this anthology. Download this e-book and hop on our train for a uniquely uplifting and insightful journey.

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